Creativity: Day 136 of 365


Creative Practice: Today at the market, I saw this delicious looking cashew drink. All it had was cashews, dates, cinnamon, and water. It was $8. Even when I had full-time work this would have been ridiculous. On less than half of a teacher’s salary, it would be a huge portion of my very tight food budget. However I had all the ingredients at home. I soaked some cashews and rinsed them. I added the soaked cashews, a few dates, cinnamon, and water to my Nutri-Bullet. It was delicious and cheap. It makes a great filling beverage, and reminded me of horchata, which I haven’t had in decades because of my dairy allergy. Delish!

Creativity: Day 5 of 365

Today’s Creative Endeavors: I invented a new flavor of yogurt; Progress on an art journal page.

20131210-083820.jpgI woke up today feeling pretty rotten.  I was achy and suffering from nausea.  I had no desire to eat anything for breakfast, or do much of anything.  I had a full fridge, but nothing sounded good.  I did water with fresh lemon for the nausea to no avail.  I knew eventually I would have to eat and was so not looking forward to it.  I started making a mental list of things I thought I could handle.  I knew I had homemade coconut yogurt, and the probiotics would be good for my tummy.  With no sugar, it is so tangy.  I had a bunch of pears too.  Knowing honey is soothing to tummies, so I added some local honey.   My newest yogurt flavor was so soothing, and actually made me feel better.

SAM_0008Since I was feeling so bleh and my to-do list was so long, I resisted doing art most of the day.  I had stuff that had to get done!  Over responsibility is one of my faults.  Even when I know I need to rest and play, I keep working.   In the evening, I finally sat down to make art.  I picked up the journal page I started on a few days ago.  I had a background, but that was as far as I had gotten.  I did not feel like making art.  I just wanted to lay around.  Once I started, I didn’t want to stop.  I did get tired pretty quickly, but I made signifigant progress on this page.  I also found, I didn’t feel as bad while I was absorbed in my artwork.  I spent the day feeling like a cold was coming on, but powering through.  When I finally stopped and let myself get into the zone, I felt better.  Art should be part of our self-care.  We need to let ourselves create whatever our profession or our life situation.  Creation is such a powerful healing tool.  Michael Samuels, M.D. and Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., M.S.N., in the book Creative Healing, emphasize the healing power of art.

“Prayer, art, and healing all come from the same source: the human soul.  Research has shown us that a person in prayer, a person making art, and a person healing all have the same physiology, the same brain wave patterns, and the same stress of consciousness.”

Spending time in an art practice is not only good for the soul, but good for your health as well.  In taking care of ourselves as we enter cold & flu season and the holiday rush, perhaps we need make our creative practice a priority.  For our sanity, and for our health.