Creativity: Day 137 of 365


Creative Practice: I babysat my friend’s children today, which always means a kiddie art day. We did all kinds of projects. In a separate note, I had my first Skylanders experience. My statue was a ninja and a genie. She has such great kids!

Creativity: Day 78 of 365

20140302-084914.jpgCreative Practice: Sketching

I have been sort of doing this drawing a day  with the Artsy Book Club.  I’m just having so much trouble with the book we are using.  I’m not finding inspiration, nor is it fitting my life.  So some attempts like this one are half hearted.  The assignments just don’t fit with what’s going on in my life, and often I don’t find them inspiring.  The author obviously lives in NYC with easy access to many venues and all sorts of free time.  I am not connecting with this.  Part of me wants to dump the project, but I like the group and the leader is one of my favorite art teacher bloggers.  We’ll see, but doing work that feels uninspired is probably not adding to my creative life.  This is from a picture, but I couldn’t find one that really fit the assignment.  This sketch makes me sigh.  Not in a good way.