Creativity: Day 144 of 365


Creative Practice: Started the background for a DLP challenge. Use a cardboard box in a page. My sister brought me this green tea and chocolates (also in beautiful packaging) from Harrods last time she was in London. I’ve saved the boxes because I love the designs so much and finally have a chance to use them. Not sure how the end product will look yet, but I like the start.

Creativity: Day 43 of 365

Creative Practice: Lesson Planning /Creating Art Projects for Kids

I have a new job teaching elementary art.  It’s a part-time job, and came within a week of my unemployment running out.  It was one of those serendipitous moments.  I thought I applied months ago, but that may have been when I was concentrating only on full-time work.  I remember being very interested in it, but applied for an Early Admission Kindergarten position that was full-time.  Several months later, I got the call to interview for the EAK position, since my experience was on the other end of the spectrum, I did not get the position, but they did send me the very next day to interview for this 40% Art Teacher position on the Friday afternoon before the Holiday Break.  It has been a whirlwind getting everything pulled together for the hiring process. Now, I start tomorrow.  The school is on break so no one is available to tell which grades I will teach tomorrow.  I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out a lesson that would allow me to walk in and teach any grade at a moments notice.  The other part of the day, I spent freaking out!

I ended up taking The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and using it to make an adjustable lesson plan that could be adjusted on the fly for each grade and they developmental levels.  For afterschool I had a few easy ideas that I could also do on the fly.  Unfortunately, I am so nervous about this!

Creativity: Day 42 of 365

Creative Practice: Soul Collage

This morning was rough.  I thought a good nights sleep, would ease my grief.  Boy was I wrong.  It was hanging over me, along with the crying headache that lingered after my more than “good cry”  at yesterday’s funeral.  After a slow morning, I finally got up.  I got myself dressed, and staggered to a workshop I had signed up for with some of my Creative Circle gals.

I did a soul collage workshop a few years ago, and fell in love with the process.  I even looked into getting certified as a facilitator.  Unfortunately, the times the workshops worked with my schedule coincided with the times were I was moved to a part-time teacher with a limited income.  The times I was working full-time and had the money, the the workshops didn’t work with my schedule.  As time went on, I slowly set Soul Collage aside.

I was so excited when I signed up for this workshop.  This is a practice that goes deep byond the conscious mind. I was so thrilled to to share this with these beautiful women.  The lingering grief, however, did make it difficult.  I ended up only completing one card.  This is life right now.  I did get to do a very lovely reading with the cards from the group.  I hope to pick this practice back up at least weekly.

Creativity: Day 8 of 365

en{courage} dec 8Creative Activity: Art Play Time with Friends

This year I found an amazing group of artist friends.  I joined a creative circle, and it has been such an amazing experience.  This group has been the catalyst for this blog and 365 Project.  We had a meeting today before the holiday rush really gets in full swing.  We had a large group and so much fun.  This is the piece I created during that time.

We each brought prompts on index cards, which were moderated by our fearless leader.  There was about fifteen of us.  We each read our prompt and had just a minute or so to complete each one.  We shared some great techniques and made some fun art.  I think I will eventually cut this into a deck of cards of some kind.

The thing that I love about this group, is that from the moment I joined it, I felt like I had found my swans.  As  a child who moved around constantly, and was more than a bit sensitive and artistic, I always felt different.  Not in a good way.  I loved the story of The Ugly Duckling.  For years I have said, I have to find my swans.  Over the last several years I have been finding many types of swans.  I have searched for the groups where I belong.  I have found many.  Good teacher friends, my gluten free girls, my close friends, and now my creative circle friends.  It is so nice to be in a group that truly gets you, even though they have just met you.  Sometimes you are divinely led to where you need to be.