Creativity: Day 136 of 365


Creative Practice: Today at the market, I saw this delicious looking cashew drink. All it had was cashews, dates, cinnamon, and water. It was $8. Even when I had full-time work this would have been ridiculous. On less than half of a teacher’s salary, it would be a huge portion of my very tight food budget. However I had all the ingredients at home. I soaked some cashews and rinsed them. I added the soaked cashews, a few dates, cinnamon, and water to my Nutri-Bullet. It was delicious and cheap. It makes a great filling beverage, and reminded me of horchata, which I haven’t had in decades because of my dairy allergy. Delish!

Creativity: Day 135 of 365


Creative Practice: I bought some cashew flour from Trader Joe’s awhile ago. I thought I would love it because I love Almond Meal so much. I made these gluten free, dairy free banana donuts. This is the second cashew based bread I made. I am not a fan. It was kind of like banana bread but in a donut pan. So disappointed. There was supposed to be a chocolate drizzle, but I didn’t want to waste my chocolate on a mediocre “donut”.