Creativity: Day 31 of 365

Creative Practice: Doodles

One month down!  I can’t believe how time has flown, or how crazy life has been.  I’ve done a lot of exercises here, I’m hoping to get to some more in-depth projects in the new year.  We’ll see what comes as I am trying less to control things and let what needs to come to fruition.  As a teacher, I have felt like I must constantly worry and over plan everything.  One of the reasons I wonder if I am in the right job, or perhaps I just need to change my thinking.  I’m already working on that.  My recent start at letting go has been illuminating and awe-inspiring.  Guess what?  It turns out I was never really in control anyways.  Letting go helps me be open to the good things.  I believe this month of creativity has begun to show me that.  I imagine the next eleven months of creativity will help me let go even more, help me grow, and teach me many lessons.

In anticipation of traveling, I packed supplies that I thought I would want to use. I have pastel pencils, watercolor pencils, and a whole mass of pens and markers. The problem? I feel completely uninspired by them. Add in the exhaustion of traveling, being sick, and spending as much time with family as I can. My art is kind of taking a back seat. I’m still doing it, but my attempts are feeble right now.

I am however craving painting. I want to paint so badly. I have ideas for that, but it’s not feasible right now. Going from hotel, to my sister’s apartment, and soon back on a plane again does not really allow me to paint. I’ll be home soon, and hopefully have some time to paint. Although with a part-time teaching gig coming up, I fear my creative time may be spent creating lessons and art projects for little ones.

For tonight. I did some Christmas Eve Doodles. I made confetti out of wishes for the next year. I was doing this watching the countdown in bed at the hotel. Right in the middle if this exercise, Ryan Seacrest starts talking about how the confetti dropped in Times Square comes from all over the world.  People write their wishes on each piece and mail it to New York City for the ball drop. I also read a friend Alyson’s blog post about an hour before. She presented a new alternative to resolutions. It’s a great post. Find it here. She talks about thinking about who you want to be in the new year. I kept this in mind as I made my confetti pieces.

I’m hoping to send out those good thoughts so that I leave behind the yuckiness that has been 2013 for me, and embrace a wild, new, wonderful 2014. It’s nothing exciting visually, but it got me thinking about what I wanted.


Creativity: Day 10 of 365


Okay, so today was some zen for me and some good old fashioned winter fun. I used to spend hours every winter making paper snowflakes as a kid. When I ran across these Star Wars snowflake patterns I couldn’t resist. Anthony Herrera of Anthony Herrera Designs publishes these templates on his website. You simply download and print a lovely PDF. Then fold and cut. They are fun, and I find using an exacto knife to be one of the most relaxing activities on the face of the earth. Although I would recommend making sure you have a spare sharp blade. The dull one I had did make it a bit more tricky. I now have to search out some Dr. Who flakes and christmas decorating may be almost complete!

Creativity: Day 8 of 365

en{courage} dec 8Creative Activity: Art Play Time with Friends

This year I found an amazing group of artist friends.  I joined a creative circle, and it has been such an amazing experience.  This group has been the catalyst for this blog and 365 Project.  We had a meeting today before the holiday rush really gets in full swing.  We had a large group and so much fun.  This is the piece I created during that time.

We each brought prompts on index cards, which were moderated by our fearless leader.  There was about fifteen of us.  We each read our prompt and had just a minute or so to complete each one.  We shared some great techniques and made some fun art.  I think I will eventually cut this into a deck of cards of some kind.

The thing that I love about this group, is that from the moment I joined it, I felt like I had found my swans.  As  a child who moved around constantly, and was more than a bit sensitive and artistic, I always felt different.  Not in a good way.  I loved the story of The Ugly Duckling.  For years I have said, I have to find my swans.  Over the last several years I have been finding many types of swans.  I have searched for the groups where I belong.  I have found many.  Good teacher friends, my gluten free girls, my close friends, and now my creative circle friends.  It is so nice to be in a group that truly gets you, even though they have just met you.  Sometimes you are divinely led to where you need to be.

Creativity: Day 4 of 365

Today’s Creative Activities:
My first live christmas tree of my adult life.

You guys! This is my first, real Christmas tree over a foot tall and alive, in my whole adult life. If you live a reasonable sized house, this may not seem like a big deal to you. If, like me, you are a city dweller in a tiny apartment, you probably understand. I am crammed in at my place, mostly due to art, craft, sewing supplies. I have been working hard over the last month to organize and declutter my work area. Much of my stash of goodies is now neatly organized in the storage unit I had to get to hold ten years of teaching supplies when I lost my job in June. I have cleared out a space to make a little creative nook. It’s almost done! There was enough room to put up a four foot tree. I’m so excited!

I have a collection of ornaments given to me by both my grandmothers. They are finally out of the box for the first time in my adult life. Ragedy Ann and Andy are free to cavort with Bambi on my delicious smelling tree. I had to run to Target for a tree stand and some cheap garland. I didn’t have as big of a string of lights, as a I thought, but all in all, it is just to perfect. I love it!