Creativity: Day 54 of 365


20140126-190319.jpgCreative Practice: Glue leopard

After the glue from yesterday dried, it was clear , which means the black paper shows through.  I used the art chalk.  I was definitely disappointed and surprised at the same time.  My inspiration photo was a white tiger.  There is no white in this art chalk set, which I find very disappointing.  The colors are very bright, but not necessarily naturalistic.  It definitely has a ver different feel than pastels.  In the end they did work for this project.  I think my students will like this project.  The only thing I still want to try is using oil pastel in place of the chalk .  I  think I will give those 5th graders the option of choosing between the oil pastel and chalk.  Unless I try the oils and hate them.  More experiments to come.


Creativity: Day 53 of 365

20140126-190339.jpgCreative Practice: Creating a glue leopard.

This is the other technique I eluded to.  For this one you use black paper and white glue.  (Although, you probably figured that out from the photo.) I did my drawing in pencil.  For this one I just did the rough drawing/outline.  I did the spots with the glue bottle.  This will dry clear, and I will go in with pastels.  Well, actually in this case art chalk.  We’ll see how this goes.  I was really disappointed to see that we didn’t have real pastels.

Creativity: Day 51 of 365

20140126-190421.jpgCreative Practice:  Glue Animal Projects

So after drawing this out last night, I got a bottle of regular old glue mixed with a few squirts of black acrylic.  (This took a while to really mix up.  I had old glue that was clumpy, so that may have been part of it.  The mixture sat for a few days before really mixing togther.)  I outlined the line drawing with the black glue mixture.  At first I did nice thin lines, but as I worked, I found I actually like the nice thick lines.  My glue was old and clumpy so that also gave me some flow issues.  My next step is Prang Watercolors.

I’m really liking this.  My main objection to this project is that you have to ruin the bottles of glue with black paint.  With a limited supply budget this is not awesome.  So I will next try a slightly different version of this that lets me use straight glue.  More on that later.