I’m an artist, a teacher, a searcher. Just a regular human being trying to figure out what this life is all about.  I’ve lived by the rules for so many years, and I have grown weary.  I gave up my love of art and creativity in order to be a “responsible adult.” I have lived by other’s rules, and accepted that art is a nice hobby instead of a necessary part of my life.

Here’s the thing.  Being a “responsible adult” is really not working for me.  The rewards I was told would come my way, have not been delivered, and I have been working very hard.  When I relegate my creativity to something I may do only if all my work and chores are done, it never gets done, and I feel like a part of my soul is missing.

I find myself lost for the first time in my life. Facing the loss of a job, facing health concerns, and  trying to figure out what’s next.  The only way I know forward is to embrace my creativity.  To dare to do things differently than I have before.  To allow myself to be an artist.

I’ve always believed that living is a creative act, even if my actions have not always followed suit. The way we live our lives can be an art, if we are aware.  This blog is about being aware.  This blog is about daring to bring creativity into our daily lives.  It doesn’t matter what your medium is.  Guitar, salsa dance, cooking, acting? Great.  You are welcome here.  Choral music, photography, poetry, interior design, or typography?  You are welcome here.  If you have a desire to elevate anything in your life to an art form, whatever that may be, then you are more than welcome here.  This is a place where creativity is embraced.  Here we believe in showing up every day for our creative souls.  Here is a place for nurturing ourselves and our art.  This is a place where we value process and creating over perfection.  Being a creative is not just about creating masterpieces everyday.  It’s about showing up to practice everyday.  Yes, even… especially on the days we don’t want to.  Creativity is something we must dare to nurture.

What creative act do you wish to nurture?

What do you dare to create?

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just got back from my Thanksgiving away and thought I’d check in to see what magic you had brewing. YOU DID IT! Congrats on the first post. It’s a very special milestone, my dear 🙂 Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

    Every word resonates with me. I am over the moon excited to have a kindred spirit to share blog stories with. Thank you for daring to share your soul with us, my beautiful creative friend. I know you will experience so much in the process- all the incredible ups and downs that come with it. Big life lessons will come from exploring your creative soul. There has already been a shift in your awareness because you chose to listen to that little voice. (She’s just getting started, you know 😉 Keep following your bliss. I’m right there by your side, walking that creative path.

  2. Jenny, I finally had the chance to review your blog today – what an array of visual delights: the owl quilts, pomegranate cookies, ice on the car window (love that photo – would be a great collage element), your mixed media pieces and “backgrounds” as you call them, and your sweet little nephews! Oh, and how could we forget the Star Wars snowflakes?!
    I applaud your honesty, sharing the moments of recuperating and celebrating, self-examination and exuberance. Not too many folks actually allow themselves to be fully aware of these states, let alone share them. It’s an honor to be sharing this journey with you; it encourages me to be awake to my own journey.

    As author E.B. White said, “Every morning I awake torn between the desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day.” 🙂

    Big hugs to you, my friend,

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