Creativity: Day 60 of 365

20140129-230207.jpgCreative Practice: January Journal Cards & Homemade Chicken Pesto Pasta (GF) and GF Focacia

I finally finished this months cards! Yay! This is a much bigger process than I first imagined, but I’m enjoying it. I may put some Mod Podge on top tomorrow just to secure the pasted parts. I’m really liking the daily Journaling.

I also attempted homemade Chicken Pesto Pasta. It was pretty good, although it could have used some more salt and olive oil. I combined the following:
1 package of Basil (from Trader Joes)
2 cloves of garlic
Juice of half a lemon
Lots of Olive Oil ( I’m thinking about a cup next time. Mine was a little too dry.)
1. Put it all in a food processor. I used my little mini chopper and it worked fine.
2. In pan cook chicken through with cover, then brown. Add the fresh pesto to heat.
3. I prepared Trader Joe’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Fusilli
4. Mix together and chow down!
Ta da! Easy and delicious dinner.
I also made was focaccia from Pamela’s GF Bread Mix. The recipe is on their site. It wasn’t quite what I was hoping for as it was very doughy, but it was bread!

Creativity: Day 57 of 365

Creative Practice: Index Calendar for the month of January.

I changed my mind again, but I think I have it now. I’m streamlining this. For the one sentence journal side, I am choosing one color of paint for the month and doing them assembly line style. I will then add some coordinating paper accents and paste on the month, day, and years. This is the assembly line for January.  Then I get to the fun part of filling them in.

Creativity: Day 56 of 365



Creative Practice: cutting and pasting my art journal years , days, and months
I decided I wanted my One Sentence Five Year Index Card Journal to have a little more detail.  I also realized that while I have letter stamps, I don’t have much in the way of numbers. I went to the computer and began playing with fun fonts for the years. I have January printed and I have started cutting and pasting to my index cards.

Creativity: Day 55 of 365


Creative Practice:  Started a sentence a day, five year art journal.
I had an art project planned for this weekend, but tonight, while on Pinterest, I ran across an idea I’ve wanted to do for years. A One Sentence, Five Year Journal. I have always remembered this project in the middle of the year, and my delicate sensibilities will not let me start mid-year. It would quite simply drive me up a wall! Well, I ran across it this evening. Lo and behold, it’s only January! So even though a majority of the month is past, I started it this evening! Look at those fun stamps. I had heard Michael’s had these alphabets in their bargain bins, but I was looking up front and never found them. My lovely momma found them for me for Christmas. So now here is the first project I will use them for!  Needless to say, I believe my planned project is going to be pushed out a bit!

On one side I will put five years, and write one sentence for each day (at least that’s the plan).  The other side will be blank, so over the next five years I will have 365 mini canvases to fill in.  I’m rather excited about this.  If I can keep up with it, it will be awesome to look at it in five years and see how I have grown.  I love this alternative art journal format.

Creativity: Day 54 of 365


20140126-190319.jpgCreative Practice: Glue leopard

After the glue from yesterday dried, it was clear , which means the black paper shows through.  I used the art chalk.  I was definitely disappointed and surprised at the same time.  My inspiration photo was a white tiger.  There is no white in this art chalk set, which I find very disappointing.  The colors are very bright, but not necessarily naturalistic.  It definitely has a ver different feel than pastels.  In the end they did work for this project.  I think my students will like this project.  The only thing I still want to try is using oil pastel in place of the chalk .  I  think I will give those 5th graders the option of choosing between the oil pastel and chalk.  Unless I try the oils and hate them.  More experiments to come.


Creativity: Day 53 of 365

20140126-190339.jpgCreative Practice: Creating a glue leopard.

This is the other technique I eluded to.  For this one you use black paper and white glue.  (Although, you probably figured that out from the photo.) I did my drawing in pencil.  For this one I just did the rough drawing/outline.  I did the spots with the glue bottle.  This will dry clear, and I will go in with pastels.  Well, actually in this case art chalk.  We’ll see how this goes.  I was really disappointed to see that we didn’t have real pastels.