Creativity: Day 28 of 365

Creative Practice: updating blog, reviewing year, planning


20131228-221156.jpg20131228-221203.jpgI spent a good portion of today catching up on this blog.  Although I have been doing my daily creative practice, somewhere between searching for a job, a death in the family, two job interviews, needing new brakes, finishing Christmas gifts, and the holidays, I got very far behind.  Today I caught up.  Yay me!  Spending all this time immersed in my blog has helped me define how I see it a little more.  As I have started and worked on the blog, I have kind of changed things up and tried different ways of working.  I think I am pretty settled on a more regular format.  I will do my best to post everyday for the 365 Project, even if it is just short and sweet.  I would like to do a more formal weekly blog article on various topics related to the creation of art.  My plan is to post those every weekend.  I am hoping the more organized format will still give me the freedom to put as little or as much as I like each day for my 365 Days of Creativity, while allowing me to delve a little deeper once a week.

I also spent some time planning and doing some of those it’s-almost-a-new-year activities.  I started some lists today.  I pulled out nice pens and some washi tape and started brainstorming.  I wrote ideas for blog posts, things I would like to do in 2014, and started listing some possible five year goals.  There is more to flesh out in these lists, but I made a good start.  It’s been a long while since I have written out goals.  It has always been a much enjoyed activity, but the last few years, I just had no idea what I wanted.  I usually know what I want, but lately I have changed and let go of so much, it just became so unclear.  I’m taking it as a good sign that I’m starting to be able to define my wants and desires again.  The things I’m writing down, are new directions for me in some ways.  It’s not just financial goals, or more egoistic goals, like I have had in the past.   These goals are starting to feel like soul goals.  Some of these things at least feel like they are heading in the right direction, even if the end goal is not fully defined.

2013 was not a good year for me.  I am so ready to leave it behind. I feel like the work I did this evening is leaving much behind that does not need to travel forward with me.  I’m hoping to travel lighter into 2014.

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